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Biography Frol Boundin, distinguished among young Chicago artists by his bright palette, variable technique and limitless experiment, was born in Leningrad (St.Petersburg, Russia) in 1974. It was there that he obtained initial artistic training based on traditions of classical realism, while very first steps in art were made at the studio of his grandfather, Russian artist Victor Boundin.

In 1990 family moved to the United States where future artist continued his education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a school world famous for its’ innovative traditions. Alongside the Institute professors his development was deeply influenced by masters of Russian constructivism, abstract expressionism, urban graphics (graffiti), pop art, etc. Works of Franz Kline and Willem de Kooning played a major influence in determination of young artists style.

Boundin sees his work as a logical progression from the expressionist tradition in painting that peaked in mid 1990s. His approach to using materials is far from standard and is described by the artist himself as near accidental – many of his works are completed with paints found at hardware stores in bins for rejected or damaged containers. While Boundin’s work is developing in the context of American abstract expressionism, it is closely linked with his Russian background. Many works follow strict classical composition principles and utilize strong and vibrant palette. In his works the artist maintains a dialogue between representational and abstract, between urbanization and expressionism. He also tries to expose the discord between the harsh post-industrial environment and a beauty of human nature.

With constant interposition of rigid graphic elements, free application of oil and acrylic paint alongside stenciled graffiti artist creates multiple independent layers ruled by a unifying rhythm. This process for Boundin represents an archeology of time, an urban life of repainted house walls, glass skyscrapers, iron bridges, rumble of a subway train, music of a street performer and time that runs thru it all. Here artist finds the Soul of the City and lights it up with bright sunrays symbolizing an onslaught of the new, and a new emotional burst. Artist is not intimidated by a bold use of color.

“ My works are like time travel – from the finishing touch to the moment when the first layer of paint was applied. Like childhood memories, these first layers are so bright and memorable, yet obscured from view by following experience. Only later you realize that they determine the composition of your life.”
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